Make your next conference or convention stand out by offering a fully equipped and thoughtfully designed nursing mothers' room. Nourishing Rooms Premier Package includes all of the essential amenities along with thoughtful details that will set your conference apart. Let Nourishing Rooms help create an experience that your attendees will talk about long after they leave, giving your event the reputation for being both modern and gender considerate. Please see below for the specific services included in our Premier Package and please see our pricing page for Premier Package sponsorship costs. 


Nourishing Rooms Premier Package

Photo by Reptile8488/iStock / Getty Images
  • Directional and welcome signage announcing sponsoring company (example: Nursing Mother’s Room brought to you by Insert Your Company Name Here)
  • Interior sponsorship signage 
  • Comfortable & ergonomic private spaces to accommodate either relaxation or working while pumping
  • Power outlets
  • Charging stations to accommodate all types of personal devices
  • Privacy screens
  • Refrigeration
  • Milk labeling station
  • Towels, tissue and other paper supplies
  • Station for pump cleaning
  • Pump storage shelving
  • Lactation cookies and other nursing supportive snacks
  • Purified water, both natural and lemon basil
  • Mirror for checking buttons, zippers and hair
  • Opportunity to email pictures of little ones prior to conference to be included on circulating slide show in each pumping station
  •  Morning and mid-day monitoring to ensure adequate supplies and room standards throughout conference
  •  Posted number should any problems arise, which will be promptly tended to by a Nourishing Rooms team member


Pricing of ad-ons varies depending on location, convention center amenities and duration of conference. Please call to discuss further.

  • Live streaming of conference content to pumping stations—ensuring your pumping guests don’t miss a thing!
  • Pump check & room monitoring for all conference hours
  • Gift bags for all nursing mother's who preregister to utilize the space


Contact us for bookings or inquiries.